1.Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.
2. Dee we love you. Your a beautiful souls, my daughter and I always looked forward seeing you. We are

Zoey Arreola

All of my 3 kids have had a great experience with Boise Valley Orthodontist. My daughter got her braces off today....yay!!! Now just a bit longer

Ysabella Rodriguez

Everyone there is always happy and willing to help! Would highly recommend!!

Yesenia Mendoza

I’m happy to get my braces off it took some time but my teeth are straighter than ever!

Yack Mac

They are really nice!

xiomara Perez Sandoval

Great experience and the staff was very professional!

Wyat Thompson

The staff here did a great job always making sure we felt welcome and was comfortable. I would be recommending them as the best orthodontist office

Whitney Hernandez

Great service!

Tyler Thornton

This place is amazing, and I had an amazing experience coming here.

Truly Sani


Trenton German