Meet Our Team


While being one of our amazing orthodontic assistants is a big part of Laura’s role, it does not stop there. She is by far our greatest treasure of our office. She always will always go above and beyond. Laura is always working hard to give our patients and parents the best possible experience. Her determination and love for orthodontics makes her unstoppable. She gives our BVO family as well as all of us 100% at all times. Our kiddos love her, our parents love her, and we love her ! We would not be us without her !! 


Jess is our amazing treatment coordinator. She has over ten years of experience in the orthodontic world. Having been an assistant for the majority of those years allows her to explain the path for each patient’s individual treatment thoroughly and accurately, yet still in terms that is easily understood. She has a passion for orthodontics and the life changing confidence it provides for people of all ages … and also for rollerblading, but that’s another story for another time! Any questions, any concerns Jess is there. Our BVO family wouldn’t be the same without her.


Better known as “D”. She is one of our amazing assistants. She is comforting, kind and will always greet you with a smile, and a sparkle in her eye when you enter our office. She is a team player to the max. Next to her family at home, her orthodontic family means the world to her. She would give anything to those she care for and you can feel it from a mile away !!