Great Look, Great Feel, Great Results

Braces have gotten a bad rap for a long time. We’ve all seen the geek in the movies who has the big, ugly metal wires in their face or the ridiculous headgear.

Well, here’s some good news: Those large, clunky metal braces are gone. Boise Valley Orthodontics offers modern metal braces, which are smaller, more attractive and more comfortable than ever before. We also offer clear, ceramic braces that blend in better with your teeth. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get the great smile you want.

Advantages of Modern Braces

Modern braces have a variety of advantages over the older kind. They include:

Smaller Design

No need to feel self-conscious about wearing braces. Modern braces are designed to be smaller and more unobtrusive.

Great Durability

Just because these braces are smaller doesn’t mean they’re not as sturdy. They’re designed to hold up under the physical force that you put your teeth through everyday.

Greater Comfort

Boise Valley Orthodontics’ braces realign your teeth without causing you a lot of pain. At times, you may even forget they’re there.


In addition to braces, Boise Valley Orthodontics offers Invisalign systems. These clear aligner trays straighten out your teeth steadily and gently. To learn more, see our page on Invisalign.

To discuss whether our braces are the best option for your orthodontic needs, contact us.